A 2021 update….

After immigrating from Scotland with my parents and middle brother in 1965 I lived firstly in Brisbane for a brief time and then in Gladstone, Central Queensland for 30 years. While in Gladstone and together with my first wife, I owned and ran Gladstone Music Centre (1984-1990), an independent music retailer that grew to be one of the largest independent music stores outside of our state’s capital city.  After separating from my first wife I met my second wife while attending university as a ‘mature aged’ entry student.

Whatever that means!

We moved to Rockhampton, Central Queensland in 1996 and together we raised four children. We separated in late 2015. I then met my wonderful but now sadly, late partner Sally.  She is still deeply missed.

I am passionate about football (soccer), especially junior coaching, and love music, having played guitar and sung in first Splutter Monkey (Gladstone) and then Therapeutic Paradox and the Badones (think Ramones to get the correct pronunciation). I miss those playing days!

I have performed the odd solo set and have embraced acoustic guitars after years of running them down to my close friend Cameron (‘only good for firewood’ was a regular comment). For several years (2007-2011) I promoted live music acts, most of them playing their own music, in pubs such as the Anchor and Grand Hotel in Rockhampton. As the Welcome on my Home page alludes, I also write short stories and poetry and will share some of that with you over time. Feel free to drop in and start a conversation…

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I first met you as a customer at your amazing record store. It was mid 80s and you were the only store between Townsville and Brisbane that would stock punk rock records! Rockhampton was a zero, so a weekend road trip to Gladstone Music Centre was always a real treat. In the years since we’ve become good friends, and thank you for being amongst a handful of people who has taken my music seriously, not only moral support, but also practical support in terms of giving me gigs, distributing my music and zines etc. High fives and cold lagers to you my friend!


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