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Welcome to  the Smart but Casual website.
My name is James Douglas. For much of my life, people have also known me as ‘Jim’. I live in Central Queensland, Australia and am a music and creative writing hobbiest. I am also actively engaged in the Bluebirds United Football Club as a volunteer coach and committee member (currently Vice President). I have set this site up as a place for me to promote my music and writing and to provide a central point for you to move to my various social media pages. I aim to populate the site with links to my music, both solo and in the bands that I play/have played in, as well as examples of my short story writing and poetry. While music is my main passion – the name of this site is taken from the first line in one of my songs – I aim to also have space for ramblings about the state of things in general so please feel free to comment or add to the conversation.  Sarcasm and parody are sure to feature…