Bluesfest 2014: #1 – Bogan Survival

Well, here I am at my second ever Bluesfest in beautiful Byron Bay. Today is the first morning of what looks like being a top weekend for the 25th anniversary of this now iconic music festival. I’m staying with friends Tom and Sandy in a small but comfortable apartment not far from downtown Byron and the traffic noise is silencing the sounds of waves.

To get here yesterday I had to survive the Bogan ride, stuck in a minibus with mostly good people but with a couple of female bogan types who thought the entire bus wanted to know the ins and outs of their respective love lives and ‘taste’ in music. Needless to say I have another reason to hate Jack Johnson…but survive I did and after jettisoning that ragged pair the rest of the week is sure to be wonderful. Sadly I learned they are from my hometown, a fact I had no wish to share with the good people in our minibus….

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