Bluesfest? 2015 and Augie marches on

“Well I hope your hair grows back”. The above ‘insult’ aimed at me for half joking with an  Irish patron the reason Tom, Steve and I weren’t hanging around to see Hozier was because he was Irish was the highlight of our first day at Bluesfest 2015. Sad but true. Musically, to be fair, my getting to see Augi March for the first time was pretty darn cool too although the couple behind me did their best to damage that bit of enjoyment by talking and laughing all through their set. I hope their friend ‘Jimmy’ never forgives them for forgetting his birthday! That aside, Augi were majestic. They’ve not toured for sometime but to me at least that never showed. I was a little worried the subtleties that highlight their music might be lost in the  vast expanse of the Crossroads tent but they managed to convince and played superbly. But blues? Hmmm. Stretching things a little there and more so on the numerous other acts on Thursday’s bill. I was excited to see Sticky Fingers having read a bit about them recently. But what a let down. You’d think a band named after one of the toughest albums of the Rolling Stones’ career would have some balls but they were as boring as bats piss. A massive rip off of every English pop band of the 1990s with a bare chested keyboard player who looked like a cross between Frank Zappa and a member of Toto their only highlight. A huge let down but the JJJ raised youth dominated crowd loved them! I walked out after 4 songs (Tom and Steve lasted 30 seconds). God I hate getting old…. But a nice day overall. My wife Kaylene made the trip down for the first time and we enjoyed a morning walk around central Byron capped off with a magic lunch at Twisted Sista (and what a top name for a café). Any place that has a poster staying ‘No we don’t have Wi-Fi…talk to each other’ is worth going back to! Unlike Sticky Fingers….might have to check out Hozier and see if my hair grows back…

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