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Bluesfest 2014 #2: Tom, lunch and the Copa Del Rey

Our 2nd day and first full day at Byron was spent casually, shopping for a few food items, stocking up on after-show late night drinks and catching up with Tom and Sandy’s parents, both sets of which are staying at a place just down the way from us.

I gave young Kurt a crochet Easter bunny that Kaylene made for him and he  absolutely loved it.

Tom and I did the shopping and on our way spotted a record shop. Not just a music shop, an actual record shop! We of course had to spend some quality time checking it out and though the stock levels weren’t high, there was still a nice variety of brand new vinyl to immerse ourselves in! Tom bought a Sonic Youth book and wiped my drivel from the floor… the place also dealt in new and second hand guitars with several classic Fenders and Gibsons decorating the walls. There were a couple of classic amps too for trying them out but I resisted the urge to pollute Byron’s late summer laid back air waves with badly played Ramones tunes…

With Sandy away dealing with some family issues and young Kurt off with Tom’s parents, Tom and I, a little pooped from our shopping escapade, recharged our batteries back at our apartment with some decidedly unwholesome lunch, although the nutritional value of Guinness is not something that should be ignored.

A visit to the Beach Hotel for what was supposed to be a solid lunch turned into more of a liquid session and so following a family dinner and much chatting we called it a night. The next stage of our visit lays close ahead.

And what better way to start that stage with a win to Real Madrid over Barcelona in the Copa Del Rey. It should be a good day ahead indeed…

Bluesfest 2014: #1 – Bogan Survival

Well, here I am at my second ever Bluesfest in beautiful Byron Bay. Today is the first morning of what looks like being a top weekend for the 25th anniversary of this now iconic music festival. I’m staying with friends Tom and Sandy in a small but comfortable apartment not far from downtown Byron and the traffic noise is silencing the sounds of waves.

To get here yesterday I had to survive the Bogan ride, stuck in a minibus with mostly good people but with a couple of female bogan types who thought the entire bus wanted to know the ins and outs of their respective love lives and ‘taste’ in music. Needless to say I have another reason to hate Jack Johnson…but survive I did and after jettisoning that ragged pair the rest of the week is sure to be wonderful. Sadly I learned they are from my hometown, a fact I had no wish to share with the good people in our minibus….