Welcome to  the Smart but Casual website and a long overdue update!

My name is James Douglas. For much of my life, people have also known me as ‘Jim’. After living most of my life in Central Queensland, Australia I moved to Charters Towers in North Queensland in late 2020. I am a teacher but outside of work I am a  music and creative writing hobbiest. I am also a bit of a football tragic, having followed Glasgow Rangers for my whole life. My personal involvement with football has been from player to coach, from committee member to club president and whole of organisation manager. It’s been quite a journey! I have set this site up as a place for me to document my music and writing. At the same time, I admit to not having been a regular updater of any of that, something I aim to change – a new year’s resolution of some kind I suppose.

I aim to populate the site with links to my creative side, that means music, both solo and in the bands that I play/have played in, as well as examples of other interests such as my short story writing and poetry. Maybe even links to some other items such as videos, photos….I’ll see.

While music is my main passion – the name of this site is taken from the first line in one of my songs – I aim to also have space for ramblings about the state of things in general so please feel free to comment or add to the conversation.  Sarcasm and parody are sure to feature…

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