And we’re off…

Our local football (soccer) season is nearly under-way with most of our Bluebirds ( teams training. It was my turn yesterday, taking on two teams for the first time. The younger age group (Squirts 3-5year olds) was first up and with a dozen kids there it was pretty hectic. I thought I had things well planned but as usual, things didn’t quite work out exactly as I’d hoped. Ah well…the kids seemed to enjoy it.

Then I trained the U15/16 girls and that was a session I wasn’t sure how would go but it went really well. Great help from our manager and the girls certainly have the potential to do well. A couple of characters to keep an eye on on but that’s fine; don’t mind a bit of cheekiness as long as it doesn’t adversely affect training or the team. It was a top session and I’m really looking forward to the season ahead…

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